Whitechapel – “The Darkest Day Of Man” Live & PV

“The Darkest Day Of Man” is taken from Whitechapel’s third studio album “New Era of Corruption” (Metal Blade, 2010)

Whitechapel is an American deathcore band from Knoxville, Tennessee formed in 2006. The band named after the location in London known as Whitechapel where the occurrence of the infamous Whitechapel murders were committed by Jack the Ripper.

They are considered a death core band, have stated that they are influenced by various brutal music such as death metal, Norwegian black metal, hardcore. Vocalist Phil Bozeman told on an interview of Hollywood Music Magazine, “Me and Ben are more the death metal kind of guys like Cannibal Corpse and Bloodbath, Zack is too but he’s more into epic black metal and European metal, Norwegian black metal and he brings a lot of that influence, Alex has more of a hardcore background and that’s his influence”.


  • Phil Bozeman — Vocals
  • Ben Savage — Lead guitar
  • Alex Wade — Guitar
  • Zach Householder — Guitar
  • Gabe Crisp — Bass
  • Kevin Lane — Drums, Percussion


Infatuated with the ignorance we all pretend to ignore
With the time and preparation I could be a tyrant and ensure the downfall
I could easily entice you to kill everything that you love

Your system knows it all
No secrets kept within the walls
I have the plan to bring it all down to an end
How the fuck could anyone believe the truth
When the religious fools have endless prophecies
Bring it all down to an end
I find it amusing when you think it all makes sense
I have the solution
Bring it all down to an end

Now that I have control of you all
This situation is only getting worse

The darkest day of man is up on us all
You are all now reborn to serve your purpose well
The darkest day of man is upon us all
Now the world can rest in peace forever.
Lyrics written by Phil Bozeman
Music written by Whitechapel
© Metal Blade Records

Official Music Video

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