Westnyle – “Grim Reality” PV

“Grim Reality” is a song written by Westnyle.

Westnyle is a heavy metal band from Long Island, NY formed in 2007. They introduced themselves on their official Reverbnation website as below.

“Write music we would want to hear”. Using the trifecta of speed, power,and precision. Their tunes are created to sweep the listener into the sound.

Their similar interest in early thrash metal inspires the bands guitar driven riffs, dominating stage presence, and vigorous vocals.

The bands refusal to bow to mainstream demands shows there complete devotion to their style of music and keeps them loyal to the subculture that supports it.

We can listen to their 7 songs on their Reverbnation website. All of them are solid and aggressive metal songs.


  • John – Guitar
  • Anthony – Bass
  • Mike – Vocals
  • Roger-Drums

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