Type O Negative – “September Sun” PV

“September Sun” is taken from Type O Negative’s last album with late Peter Steele “Dead Again” (Roadrunner, 2007).

故ピーター・スティールが遺した最期のアルバム「Dead Again」(2007年)から。別れに絶望する男と女。ピーターの歌唱とケニー(gt, vo)の叫びが交錯する。PVの途中でピーターが十字を切るシーンが印象的。なぜなら、このアルバムの発表から3年後、彼はこの世を去ったからだ。みずからの死を予感していたのだろうか。


September sun glowing golden hair
Now keep in mind son she was never there
October’s rust bisecting black storm clouds
Only the deaf hear my silent shouts

Yet in the dark still he screams your name
Nights living death with witch rhymes insane
Ten years amassed para toda mi vida?
Lost man in time was his name Peter

September sun rotted Flatbush porch
I would have run then had I known the cost
Autumnal rays turned your eyes to stone
Did it give you pleasure to steal my soul?

Leave her alone
I said leave her alone

Me? I know why

Written by Peter Thomas Steele



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