The Mad Capsule Markets – “Gaga Life” Live in Tokyo 2002

The Mad Capsule Markets performed “Gaga Life” at Zepp Tokyo on 2 Jan, 2002 in Tokyo, Japan. This stage was filmed and released as live CD/DVD titled “020120” (Victor, 2002).

Official Music Video

“Gaga Life” is taken from their ninth studio album “010” (Victor, 2000).


  • Kyono – Vocals
  • Takeshi Ueda – Bass, Programming, Backing vocals
  • Motokatsu Miyagami – Drums
  • Toruxxx – Guitars (support)


I just want to give birth to some meaningful prose.
In a fucked-up world that points the way to be free.
And change the way you see your whole gaga life.
Now people,start walking towards the radical sound.
Get no idea who the real enemy is now.
This sound attacks you most violently
To revolutionize this industry.
Now people, start walking towards the radical sound.
Get Loud!You get strong from it.
And be set free now.
Go with it now cuz’ it starts from here.
Music & Lyrics written by Takeshi Ueda
© Victor Entertainment

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