The Devin Townsend Band – “Vampira” PV

“Vampira” is taken from Devin Townsend Band’s studio album “Synchestra” (2006).

This song is really impressive and interesting because of its variety of musical styles. We can see the influences from folk music, especially polka. In this song and music video, there is a lot of humors flown from Devin. He isn’t only great musician but also talented entertainer. Definitely, others cannot create such a creative music.

This music video is directed by Marcus Rogers of ‘Cinestir Films‘ in Vancouver. He and his team of Cinestir films have been creating many music videos for various artists since 1985.

They introduce this interesting music video on their YouTube channel as below.

Devin Townsend as Satan accompanied by a band of skeletons and the sexy and dangerous vampire in this comic book tribute to Vampira. From InsideOut Records Germany, video by Marcus Rogers and Stu MacKay Smith.


  • Devin Townsend : Vocals, Guitars, programming
  • Ryan Van Poederooyen : drums
  • Brian Waddell : guitars
  • Dave Young – keyboards, grand piano, Hammond, mandolin
  • Mike Young – bass, tuba, stand-up bass


Night. Follows me when you’re gone.
And now… how am I to carry on?
But into the night…
…into the darkness
I must be strong, carring on.

Night, follows me when you leave
And tonight, my mind is under siege
So into the night…
…into the darkness.
Unto the morn, carrying on…

Hate as your co-conspirer
He’ll set your soul on fire
Hate, make the flame get higher
Kneel for me now…

GO !!!
HEY, HEY !!!

Night, follows me when you leave
With the sights, and the sounds you’d not believe.
So into the night.
Into the darkness
Until the morn
Carrying on and on and on…

Hate as your co-conspirer
He’ll set your soul on fire
Hate, make the flame get higher
Kneel with me know
Written by Devin Townsend
© HevyDevy Records


Acoustic Version of “Vampira”

Devin Townsend played “Vampira” at Sheffield Corporation with acoustic guitar.

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