Steve Vai feat. Devin Townsend – “Here & Now” Live in 1993

This song changed my music life…

This live footage was filmed by an audience at “Sex & Religion Tour” live on 16 October, 1993 in New York. The sounds and pictures aren’t good enough, but this bootleg is really precious for funs of Steve Vai and Devin Townsend. We can see young and fresh singing of Devin Townsend at the earliest period of his music career.

“Here & Now” is taken from Steve Vai’s album “Sex & Religion” (Relativity, 1993).

This is one of the few straight-ahead rock song of Steve Vai. Young Devin Townsend (only 21 years old) sung so powerfully. It’s absolutely incredible performance.


* This lineup was formed for “Sex & Religion” tour in 1993

  • Devin Townsend – Vocal
  • Steve Vai – Guitars
  • Scott Thunes – Bass
  • Will Riley – Keyboards
  • Abe Laboriel, Jr. – Drums


Here we stand, as time keeps turning,
near and far, the fires are burning
Victory, the endless passion,
for a cause, we will take an action

I’m not a savior, I’m not a king,
there’s only the voice in your head
But I feel your anger, I speak your peace,
freedom time is here

So are you ready for the here and now

Sacrifice, the soul keeps baring,
bring new life to a world worth sparing

I’m not a prophet, I’m not a prince,
the ego dies with the flesh
You are the garden, I am the seed,
harvest time is here

But tell me are you ready for the here and now

Courage, sacrifice, victory, freedom


One for all, time is fleeting,
hear the call, our world is bleeding

There are no saviors, there are no kings,
the power lies in your hands
So, you be the fire, the light without heat,
precious time is here

So tell me are you ready for the here and now,
so tell me are you ready
Are you ready for the here and now,
so tell me are you ready
Are you ready for the here and now,
so tell me are you ready
Written by Steve Vai
© Relativity Records

Fullset Of This Stage


01.Here And Now
02.Creezy Kids Stuff
03.Sex And Religion
05.Touching Tongues
06.Thunder Kiss ’65
07.Dirty Black Hole
08.Drum Solo
10.All Hail The New Flesh
11.Still My Bleeding Heart
12.I Would Love To
14.In My Dreams With You
15.Call It Sleep
16.Down Deep Into The Pain
18.For The Love of God

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