Soulfly – Live at 36th Montreux Jazz Fest [Fullset]

Soulfly performed at 36th Montreux Jazz Festival, which is one of the most famous Jazz festivals in the world, on 7 July, 2002 in Switzerland.


  1. -Roots Bloody Roots
  2. -Tribe
  3. -Attitude
  4. -Tree Of Pain
  5. -Refuse/Resist
  6. -L.O.T.M.
  7. -Fire
  8. -Umbaraumba
  9. -Back To The Primitive
  10. -No
  11. -Eye For An Eye

Lineup at this time

  • Max Cavalera – lead vocals, 4-string guitar, berimbau
  • Mikey Doling – guitar
  • Marcelo “Cello” Dias – bass, live backing vocals
  • Roy Mayorga – drums

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