Soilwork – “Rejection Roll” PV & Live at Wacken 2008

“Rejection Roll” is taken from Soilwork’s fifth studio album “Figure Number Five” (Nuclear Blast, 2003).

Soilwork is a melodic death metal/alternative metal band from Helsingborg, Sweden in 1995 by vocalist Björn “Speed” Strid and guitarist Peter Wichers (left in 2005). They released nine studio albums until now.

Their music style is based on melodic death metal originated in Gothenberg, Sweden and mixed with various kinds of metal/rock music style such as blues rock and alternative metal.


  • Björn “Speed” Strid − Vocals
  • Peter Wichers − Guitars
  • Ola Frenning − Guitars
  • Ola Flink − Bass
  • Sven Karlsson − Keyboards
  • Henry Ranta − Drums


I’m the result of an ageless redemption
a body with a heartless convention
a face with a smile that’s been shut down for years
facing the facts of my generation…cause
I’m a sinner, a winner, my blood is getting thinner
I might as well get another life cause I’ve been there
I know what’s been said and I know what’s been done
don’t you tell me I’m the only one, cause I…

I will be there looking for something
Coming straight out of nothing, just killing time
Facing those walls so black, so vile
I really am waiting for nothing
Coming straight out of something, just killing time
Facing those walls so black, so vile

Now put your trust in a solid machine
Filled with words that have never been seen
A plague to insatiable souls left to die
Charged with mankind’s raw energy
I rumble, I stumble
My memory starts to crumble
I can’t refuse what’s haunting my dreams
Have I stumbled?
On my way to a created perfection
I penetrate the gates of rejection

There’s no determination, echoes of a failed gallery
There’s yet extermination, inside us all screaming
Written by Björn Strid
© Nuclear Blast Records

Live at Wacken Open Air 2008

Soilwork joined “Wacken Open Air” festival on 1 August, 2008 in Germany.


Live in Sydney 2010

This live performance was held on 22 October, 2010 in Sydney. This live footage filmed by an audience includes “Rejection Role”, drum solo and “Bastard Chain”.

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