Soilent Green – “Sewn Mouth Secrets” Live in NYC 2001+1

Soilent Green is an American grind core/sludge metal band from New Orleans, Louisiana formed in 1988. They performed this song at CBGB’s on 30 June, 2001 in New York City.

“Sewn Mouth Secrets” is the title song of Soilent Green’s second full-length album “Sewn Mouth Secrets” (relapse, 1998). They explained about this album on theie official facebook page as following: “Bottom-heavy, maniacally brooding and adorned again with Mucha’s illustrations, Sewn Mouth Secrets helped redefine the meaning of “extreme.” Driven by its innovative guitar work, plunge-to-pummel rhythms, bipolar pace fluctuations, blues-based swamp grooves and razor-grazed vocals all seething under Falgoust’s tense, sadistic lyrics, anyone with ears agreed: Sewn Mouth Secrets was every bit the proverbial diamond in the rough”.


  • Ben Falgoust – Vocals
  • Brian Patton – Guitars
  • Donovan Punch – Guitar
  • Tommy Buckley – Drums
  • Scott Williams – Bass (R.I.P.)

Live in St. Louis 1999

Soilent Green played at the Galaxy in St. Louis on 22 June, 1999. This live footage was filmed by Lepers TV.


closet master reveal yourself
clenching the truth in your throat
choking on an abundance of lies
i’ve broken it down one more time
i stand and observe
the puppets preach
if i could cut the knotted strings
instead i have to grit my teeth
no control… what might have i done
put your mind in my hands
i’ll break it down another time
leaving this hate aside
tie me up and tie me down
tell me a secret, i’ll tell you a lie
rise to your behalf of the blame
stand-up to tell me
what is right or wrong
contradict this friendship
we once had
play the deceiver while you preach
pleasure me… pleasure my head…
wishing you dead
backstabbing… to gain a higher standard
mistrust… distrust…
a higher ground… a higher you
well fuck that…
a channel of degradation
through this misunderstood
form of communication
seduction of the mind…
climbing walls like hordes of rats
our plagued feelings of undying lust
speak… lips sealed…
stolen… secret… your eyes they lie…
can’t hold… it in…
your mouth speaks fuck…
hope you… choke
boiling point of my brain…
driving my inner insane
sink the quest… stolen identity
worst time… last time
surrounded br betrayal
a plea for forgiveness
ramblings of a mad idea
intake the abuse
tolerance… the system
an excuse for this release
lost time… explore the just cause
a broken verse of points
a key to lock the stride
to be deceived again
apologies unnacceptable…
through discourse
taping the mouth shut…
during intercourse
i lust your sweet distrust…
crawling through your shit
keeping your mouth shut
you couldn’t conceive it
lost this game of yours
it made you deceive me
lies being spoken… untrue
are you afraid to see me
stand your ground… a loss
standing in this room alone
blank spaces on peoples faces
question marks in my mind
wished years of agony on myself
heal… this… self-blame
equal sides confused
this… the thread that intertwines
soul… the mind of selfishness
lost… all these hungry mouths
transmissions from tempest
bite… the nonsense comes out
my… rumors that one lives
tongue… speak the goddamn truth
cinema of fury
a promise of lies must be left
to make good for yourself
boiling point pressures inside…
twisting my secrets into lies
Written by Louis Benjamin Falgoust II
© Relapse Records

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