Slipknot – “People=Shit” Live

Slipknot has dificulty now, but they go on…

Last week, on 13 Dec 2013, We received a surprising news from Slipknot. Their original member, drummer and songwriter Joey Jordison left the band for personal reasons. (cf. “Drummer Joey Jordison Leaves Slipknot For “Personal Reasons”” written by Nastassia Baroni)

The official statement about Joey’s departure as below;

To our Maggots and fans around the world,

It is with great pain but quiet respect, that for personal reasons Joey Jordison and Slipknot are parting ways. We all wish Joey the best in whatever his future holds. We understand that many of you will want to know how and why this has come to be, and we will do our best to respond to these questions in the near future. It is our love for all of you, as well as for the music we create, that spurs us to continue on and move forward with our plans for releasing new material in the next year. We hope that all of you will come to understand this, and we appreciate your continued support while we plan the next phase of the future of Slipknot.

Thank you,
The ‘Knot

Slipknot already lost their bassist Paul Gray (1972-2010) due to his sudden death in 2010. Loosing two core members, they are actually confronting with great difficulty. But they said their new album will be released as scheduled in 2014. We should wait their new stuff in a calm way, and hope the new phase of the band will be great.


  • (#0) Sid Wilson – Turntables
  • (#1) Joey Jordison – Drums (Left the band in 2013)
  • (#2) Paul Gray – Bass, Backing vocals (1972-2010, R.I.P.)
  • (#3) Chris Fehn – Custom percussion, Backing vocals
  • (#4) Jim Root – Guitars
  • (#5) Craig “133” Jones – Sampling, Media
  • (#6) Shawn “Clown” Crahan – Custom percussion, Backing vocals
  • (#7) Mick Thomson – Guitars
  • (#8) Corey Taylor – Lead vocals


Here we go again motherfucker

Come on down and see the idiot right here
Too fucked to beg and not afraid to care
Whats the matter with calamity anyway?
Right? Get the fuck out of my face
Understand I cant feel anything
It isn’t like I wanna sift through the decay
I feel like a wound
And like I got a fucking gun against my head
You live when I’m dead

One more time motherfucker

Everybody hates me now so fuck it
blood’s on my face and my hands
And I don’t know why,
I’m not afraid to cry
But that’s none of your business
Whose life is it? Get it? See it? Feel it? Eat it?
Spin it around so I can spit in its face
I wanna leave without a trace
Cuz I don’t want to die in this place

People=Shit (Whatcha gonna do)
People=Shit (Cuz I’m not afraid of you)
People=Shit (I’m everything you’ll never be)

It never stops
You can’t be everything to everyone
Contagion I’m sittin on the side of satan
What do you want from me?
They never told me the failure I was meant to be
Overdo it, don’t tell me you blew it, stop your bitchin’
and fight your way through it
I’m not like you
I just fuck up

C’mon mother fucker everybody has to die
C’mon mother fucker everybody has to die!!

People=Shit (Whatcha gonna do)
People=Shit (Cuz I’m not afraid of you)
People=Shit (I’m everything you’ll never be)
Written by Slipknot
© Roadrunner Records


Joey Jordison’s Drun Solo

Joey Jordison is playing drum solo with his movable drum kit.

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