Slipknot – ‘MTV Worldstage’ Live in London, 2008 [Fullset]

Slipknot performed for ‘MTV Worldstage’ at Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK 2008.
The time length of this stage is half of their ordinary one, but the storm of their chaotic metal sound was enough to stun audiences.

Paul Gray (1972–2010, R.I.P.), I miss you.


1. Surfacing (01:06)
2. The Blister Exists (04:43)
3. Dead Memories (10:11)
4. Psychosocial (14:17)
5. The Heretic Anthem (18:54)
6. Spit It Out (22:57)
7. Duality (29:50)
8. People=Shit (34:11)
9. (sic) (38:18)

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