Sepultura – “Roots Bloody Roots” Live on NPA 1996 & PV


This great live performance was held on French TV show “Nulle Part Ailleurs” (NPA) in 1996. This is one of the best show of Max Cavalera and his brother and friends. Max left the band shortly after this stage, and the golden age of Sepultura was end. But this incredible song remains the same.

“Roots Bloody Roots” is taken from Sepultura’s masterpiece, sixth studio album “Roots” (Roadrunner, 1996).  


  • Max Cavalera – Vocals, Rhythm guitar, 4-string guitar, Berimbau
  • Igor Cavalera – Drums, Percussion, Timbau, Djembe
  • Paulo Jr. – Bass, Timbau Grandé
  • Andreas Kisser – Lead guitar, Sitar, Backing vocals

Official Music Video


Roots bloody roots
Roots bloody roots
Roots bloody roots
Roots bloody

I believe in our fate
We don’t need to fake
It’s all we wanna be
Watch me freak

I say we’re growing every day
Getting stronger in every way
I’ll take you to a place where we shall find our
Roots bloody roots
Roots bloody roots
Roots bloody roots
Roots bloody roots
Rain bring me the strength to get to another day
And all I want to see
Set us free
Why can’t you see?
Can’t you feel this is real?

I pray we don’t need to change our ways to be saved
That all we wanna be
Watch us freak
Written by Max Cavalera
© Roadrunner Records

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