Sepultura – “Convicted In Life” Official Music Video

“Convicted In Life” is taken from Sepultura’s conceptual tenth studio album “Dante XXI” (SPV, 2005).


  • Derrick Green – Vocals
  • Andreas Kisser – Guitars
  • Paulo Xisto – Bass
  • Igor Cavalera – Drums


Abandon all hope he who enter here
Enternal pain that runs among the lost
It’s the fiction of life
What you are is what you live

It never made a fucking difference to you
In the eyes you can see the truth
It’s the fiction of life
I’m going deep no other way

Lost, who enter here

Nothig seemed to go as planed
It makes no difference with the choices I make
I’m convicted in life
Don’t want to make the same mistakes

Lost, who enter here

Can’t live with the faults
There is no remorse for you and me

Convicted in life,
fiction in life,
victim in life
Music composed by Andreas Kisser, Derrick Green and Igor Cavalera
Lyrics written by Andreas Kisser, Derrick Green
© SPV Records

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