Sepultura – “Arise” Live in Barcelona 1991

Sepultura performed at Teatro Zeleste on 31 May, 1991 in Barcelona. This amazing stage was filmed and released as live video “Under Siege” (1991), later remastered and released as part of “Chaos DVD” (Roadrunner, 1998).

“Arise” is the classic anthem of Sepultura taken from their epic fourth studio album “Arise” (Roadrunner, 1991).


  • Max Cavalera – vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Igor Cavalera – drums, percussion
  • Paulo Jr. – bass guitar
  • Andreas Kisser – lead guitar


Obscured by the sun
Apocalyptic clash
Cities fall in ruin
Why must we die?

Obliteration of mankind
Under a pale grey sky
We shall arise…

I did nothing, saw nothing
Terrorist confrontation
Waiting for the end
Wartime conspiracy

I see the world – old
I see the world – dead

Victims of war, seeking some salvation
Last wish, fatality
I’ve no land, I’m from nowhere
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Face the enemy
Maniac thoughts
Religious intervention
Problems remain
Music composed by Sepultura
Lyrics written by Max Cavalera
© Roadrunner Records

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