Neurosis – “Locust Star” Live at Villette Sonique 2013 & PV

Neurosis performed at the “Villette Sonique festival” on 25 May, 2013 in Paris, France. This live footage is recorded by French/German tv channel Arte, All rights belong to them and Neurot Recordings.

Official Music Video

What’s heavy music? Listen to this.

Neurosis is an American heavy rock/metal band, formed in 1985 as a hardcore punk band. In their 30 years carrier, they have constantly expanding their sound experiences by mixing with various kinds of heavy music, such as hardcore punk, sludge core, doom metal, dark ambient and industrial. Terrorizer Magazine described Neurosis as “arguably the most influential band of the past two decades” (by Santos, José Carlos in September 2009).

“Locust Star” is taken from Neurosis’ fifth studio album “Through Silver in Blood” (Relapse, 1996).


Scott Kelly — Vocals, Guitars
Dave Edwardson — Bass guitar, Backing vocals
Jason Roeder — Drums
Steve Von Till — Vocals, Guitars
Noah Landis — Synthesizer, Organ, Piano, Samples


Rise – shining blank
Scars burn way down
It parts ways of the
Serpent view – cast
Stones where to stop
Calling you – they all
Lower me to the ground
Stick him – they all
Lower me to the soil
Stick him

Star – reign down
On you

You’ll starve
Bright star in the
Dripping sun
Writhe on – saints
Steal from your actions
Step in right on it’s
Function – stick him

Star – reign down
On you

You all lower me
Christ’s shine blinds
Your world
Your belief is scars

The will to power
Ascension manifest
That which is above
Is as that which is below
Thy will be done
Thy kingdom come
On earth as it is in heaven
So mote it be
Written by Scott Kelly
© Relapse Records

* The Cover photo of this post is taken from La Bazar “neurosis + swans + the ex – villette sonique (25/05/2013) (invité)” by Nico P.

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