Morbid Angel – “Rapture” Official Music Video

“Rapture” is taken from Morbid Angel’s third studio album “Covenant” (Earache, 1993).


  • David Vincent – Lead vocals, Bass guitar
  • Trey Azagthoth – Guitars, Keyboards
  • Pete Sandoval – Drums, Percussion


Confront me unholy ones
Bastard saints scorn of the earth
I summon thee now poison me
Death under will burn in my soul

Exalt me enemies of the lamb
Intrude – We are of one
Under will, I walk the path of sin
With your spells I die again

Raise me from mortal
My will be your will
My words speak your words
Your pains raise me to bliss

What of this anger now
Received to lance your enemy
I feel the energy
The poison moves in me
I spill blood

Scorn of the earth, I witness
In rapture I’m born again
Scorn of the light, I bear scorn
In rapture I’m reborn
Lyrics written by David Vincent
Music composed by Trey Azagthoth, David Vincent
© Earache Records

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