Morbid Angel – Live at Rock City ’89

Morbid Angel is the true death metal legend. They were appeared at Nottingham Rock City, 14 Nov. 1989.

Morbid angel was formed in Tampa, Florida in 1984 , and released their 1st album “Altars of Madness” in 1989. I think Morbid Angel is one of the original bands of death metal, thousands of death metal/grind core bands were influenced by their brutal sound based on thrush metal.


  • David Vincent – lead vocals, bass guitar
  • Trey Azagthoth – guitar, guitar synthesizer, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Richard Brunelle – guitar
  • Pete Sandoval – drums, percussion


Pete Sandoval – Practicing and Hangin’ – 1990

This private footage is the early time of Pete Sandoval. He was young but perfect.

Pete Sandoval – 19 Dec. 2010

Needless to say, Pete “The Commando” Sandoval is one of the greatest metal drummers. If you want to know death metal drumming, you should listen to Morbid Angel’s albums and watch this video. Really amazing.
Please come back, Pete!!!

Rehearsal in 1986

Morbid Angel recorded “Abominations of Desolation” in 1986 produced by David Vincent, but this album wasn’t released because the band was unsatisfied with the final product and it remained unreleased until 1991. The drummer of this time is Mike Browning. In 1988, ex-Terrorizer drummer Pete Sandoval joined the band.

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