Metallica – “For Whom The Bell Tolls” Live in 1985

This is TRUE Metallica!!

This live performance was held at ‘Day On The Green’ on 31 Aug 1985. Cliff Burton plays bass guitar. His play is really marvellous. Absolutely, he is one of the greatest bass players ever. I think this is the best lineup of Metallica. Cliff, I miss you.

“For Whom The Bell Tolls” is taken from Metallica’s 2ns studio album “Ride The Lightning” (Elektra, 1985) as the 2nd promotional single.

The song was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s novel of the same name (1940) about the dishonor of modern warfare and the bloody Spanish Civil War.


  • James Hetfield : Vocals, Guitars
  • Kirk Hammett : Guitars
  • Cliff Burton : Bass
  • Lars Ulrich : Drums


Make his fight
On the hill in the early day
Constant chill deep inside

Shouting gun
On they run
Through the endless grey

On they fight
Are they right
Yes, but who’s to say?

For a hill men would kill
They do not know
Stiffened wounds test their pride

Men of five
Still alive through the raging glow
Gone insane
From the pain that they surely know

For whom the bell tolls
Time marches on
For whom the bell tolls

Take a look
To the sky
Just before you die
It’s the last time he will

Blackened roar
Massive roar fills the crumbling sky
Shattered goal
Fills his soul with a ruthless cry

Stranger now
Are his eyes to this mystery
He hears the silence so loud

Crack of dawn
All is gone
Except the will to be

Now they see what will be
Blinded eyes to see

For whom the bell tolls
Time marches on
For whom the bell tolls…
Written by James Hetfield, Cliff Burton, Lars Ulrich
© Elektra

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