Megadeth – “Symphony Of Destruction” Live in Italy 1992

Megadeth performed “Symphony Of Destruction” at Arena Spettacoli on 12 September, 1992 in Reggio Emilia, Italy with their ‘classic’ lineup.

“Symphony Of Destruction” is one of the metal anthems taken from Megadeth’s fifth studio album “Megadeth – Countdown to Extinction (Guitar Recorded Versions)” (Capitol, 1992).

Lineup in 1992

  • Dave Mustaine – Rhythm guitar, Lead guitar, Lead vocals
  • Marty Friedman – Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Backing vocals
  • David Ellefson – Bass guitar, Backing vocals
  • Nick Menza – Drums, Backing vocals


You take a mortal man,
And put him in control
Watch him become a god
Watch peoples heads a’roll

Just like the Pied Piper
Led rats through the streets
We dance like marionettes
Swaying to the Symphony …
Of Destruction

Acting like a robot
Its metal brain corrodes
You try to take its pulse
Before the head explodes

[Solo – Marty]

The earth starts to rumble
World powers fall
A’warring for the heavens
A peaceful man stands tall

Written by Dave Mustaine
© Capitol Records

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