Machine Head – “Davidian” Live at Wacken Open Air 2009 & PV

Machine Head performed at Wacken Open Air festival on 1 August, 2009 in Germany. “Davidian” is taken from their monumental debut album “Burn My Eyes – Machine Head” (Roadrunner, 1994).


  • Robb Flynn – Lead vocals, Guitars
  • Dave McClain – Drums
  • Adam Duce – Bass, Backing vocals
  • Phil Demmel – Guitars

Official Music Video


Blind man ask me forgiveness
I won’t deny myself
Disrespect you have given
Your suffering’s my wealth
I feed off pain, force fed to love it
And now I swallow whole
I’ll never live in the past
Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast

Burn my fist to the concrete
My fear is my strength
Power, rage unbound because
Been pounded by the streets
Cyanide blood burns down the skyline
Hatred is purity
The bullet connects at last
Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast

Pour the salt in the wound
© Roadrunner Records

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