Lamb Of God – “Vigil” Live at Provinssirock Festival 2007 & PV

Lamb Of God performed “Vigil” at Provinssirock Festival, one of the biggest rock festivals in Finland held every june since 1979, on 17 June, 2007. Lamb of God is one of the new leaders of world heavy metal scene, formed in Richmond, Virginia in 1999.

Official Music Video

“Vigil” is a last song of Lamb Of God’s third studio album “As the Palaces Burn” (Prosthetic, 2003). The 10th Anniversary Edition CD/DVD of this album is also available now.


  • Randy Blythe – Vocals
  • Mark Morton – Guitars
  • Willie Adler – Guitars
  • John Campbell – Bass
  • Chris Adler – Drums, Percussion


Our father thy will be done.
I have denied this life its worth
I will not be the victim.
Sickness to you my master
Here’s to getting worse
Hope it kills you faster.
Show me how it hurts to rot from the inside out.
This vigil burns
Until the day our fires overtake you.
Our father we forsake you.
Blessed be his name
Nothing now the same.
Ask me why I hate
Why I’ve prayed to see the nation that I loved disintegrate
And gladly give my life
That revolution regenerates.
In honor of the strife of those who’ve died
In generations before for your blood stained glory
I reject you
I deny you
I defy you to continue.
Smite the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered.
Written by Lamb Of God
© Prosthetic Records

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