Heaven Shall Burn – “Hunters Will Be Hunted” PV

Heaven Shall Burn is a German death metal/metalcore band from Saalfeld formed in 1996. Their musical style is mainly based on death metal with flowing twin guitar harmonies. They appeals their support for anti-racism and fighting social injustice in their lyrics. All members of the band are vegetarians or vegans.

Their original drummer Matthias Voigt took a hiatus due to his lower back injury, replaced by Chriatian Bass in 2013.

“Hunters Will Be Hunted” is taken from Heaven shall Burn’s album “Veto” (Century Media, 2013). This official music video features Denise Rombouts as a dryad, a nymph living in the woods.


  • Marcus Bischoff – Vocals
  • Maik Weichert – Guitars
  • Alexander Dietz – Guitars
  • Eric Bischoff – Bass
  • Matthias Voigt – Drums (1996–2013)
  • Christian Bass – Drums (2013–present)


This is the end of all endurance,
No mercy for assassins
Violence against violence
And hunters will be hunted
Until the slaughter ceased to be
Believe me, you’ll regret your deeds
We took a stand and won’t retreat
Until their malice ceased to be
Nothing justifies your greed
You will not succeed

You shall regret your felonies
We took a stand and won’t retreat
And hunters will be hunted
Until the slaughter ceased to be
Across the open seas, together through the storm
You’ll make no creature bleed, nevermore, forevermore

No drawing back, direct, actions strike upon you
No compromise, no giving in
Defending those who cannot fight
Justice must prevail
A campaign for relief

I looked him straight in the eye
This moment of compassion
I found my mission in life
We send them to the bottom
Written by Maik Weichert
© Century Media Records

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