Goatwhore – “Carving out the Eyes of God” Live in New Orleans 2010

Goatwhore performed “Carving out the Eyes of God” in New Orleans on 10 September, 2010. This awesome live footage was filmed by T.K.(R.I.P.) and Mike Holderbeast of REKFilms.

Goatwhore is an American blackened death metal band from New Orleans, LA formed in 1997 by guitarrist Sammy Duet. Vocalist Louis Benjamin Falgoust II (Soilent Green), guitarist Ben Stout, bassist Patrick Bruders and drummer Zak Nolan joined the band and released debut album. They took several member changes, dropped five studio albums with brutal death metal sound. The New Orleans metal scene is really hot now.

“Carving out the Eyes of God” is the title song of Goatwhore’s fourth studio album “Carving Out the Eyes of God” (Metal Blade, 2009).


  • Louis Benjamin Falgoust II – Vocals
  • Sammy Duet – Guitars, Backing vocals
  • James Harvey – Bass
  • Zack Simmons – Drums


Bastards of madness
Call out this prayer of vengeance
Speaking to enemies through these wounds of redemption
Tearing out their eyes with horror

Behold this chosen new devise
As the silence pleads this forgiveness
A senseless begging for absolution
Upon this entrance into oblivion

This fallen angel of defiance, destitute to isolation
Hold tight to liberation, in the form of reprisal
Project of this restored frame, in these pain filled alterations
This new threat of changing life restless in this completion

Powerless you crawl like pigs
Soon to be slaughtered
Suckling to a faith that you avidly hoped would save you all
These offerings will bring us our justice.
For these years of diluted lies
The answers to our freedom
The answer to the death of gods

These hands held into the sky so the dark
Winds can taste the blood of murder

As the blackest hearts obey thoughts of evil
Deathlorn rites, endure the lust for revenge
Surrender the state of embracement and release
This life from the dark interiors
Discomfort of this assisted torment is given in these regards

A scourge of awakening
Prisoned in the rites of blood
Bestowed with ancient plagues, we will forge a disease
Of rape upon your ideals
Within this lifeblood we will find the truths as blades
Slice open their necks
The answers to our freedom
The answer to the death of gods

Once reconstructed the swarm will digest
The souls of this imperfection
Sterilizing faith bringer has discharged
This assembly of this damnation

Burden me with your weak
Curse me with your sick
In blood filled walls I lie confined
Carving out the blind eye of god
Written by Louis Benjamin Falgoust II
© Metal Blade Records

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