Fire & Flesh – “Through My Eyes, The Pestilence” Official Music Video

“Through My Eyes, The Pestilence” is taken from an American metalcore band Fire & Flesh’s second EP “Vengeance” (indipendent, 2013).


  • Justin Nieto – Vocals
  • Alex Menendez – Guitar
  • Ryan Sirles – Guitars
  • Gabriel Villela – Bass
  • Condor White- Drums


Staring at the sky in disbelief
I couldn’t grasp what was happening
I watched as it all slipped away
I watched as it all began to fade
Like sand between these fists
Losing faith, going against the wind
I tested everything just to see what fate would bring

I’ve been there many times before
I’ve witnessed darkness
I’ve seen what lies beyond the grave
The chills remind me of how close I came to meeting my end
Take away the breath in me
I’ll find another way for these lungs to breathe
Take away my eyes that guide me
I’ll find another way for my soul to see

Darkness is real, I’ve seen it
Bright as day
Demons crawled…
As the devil sang his song
Heedful vengeance in his tone..

Descending from the sky
You’ll never see this coming
as it takes its form like a spec in the light

Lift yourself to a higher purpose
Seek the clues that make this worth it
Living life on the edge is so bitter sweet
Can you feel the burning desire?
Wounds will heal, consumed by the fire
Leaving purest of hearts behind
Take control of your destiny
Take control of the life you lead

Through my eyes I’ve witnessed firsthand the pestilence that plagues those whom plot against us..
That armada never stood a chance!

So live this life chasing after hidden treasures
Setting sails on sinking ships that sail despite the waters that tear this down
We will rebuild it piece by piece!

They thought they could hold us back, they were wrong
Let them turn to ashes!
We’re bound by the spectrum of our vision
They thought they could hold us back, they were wrong
Steady your heart, look deep into your soul!
Carry on!!
Carry on!!
© Fire & Flesh

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