Fire & Flesh – “Inner Beast” Official Music Video

Fire & Flesh is a young American metalcore band from Castro Valley, California formed in 2013. Their debut EP “Origins” and first album “Vengeance” are available on iTunes. This song is their second music video.


  • Nieto – Vocals
  • Alex M. – Guitar
  • Gabriel V. – Bass
  • Condor – Drums


Is everything you wanted everything you need?
Do you find yourself a believer when you’re brought down to your knees?
When the pressures on your back
And your life is on the line
Take that moment to ask yourself
How do you wish to be defined?!

A look
Inside you
Find your inner beast
Too fall means to be stronger
While your enemies all weep
Embrace the pain
To fuel the flame that lights the ground beneath your feet
So much is lost while much is gained…
We’re born from ashes, forced to breathe

When everything turns black
When this life spits in your face
Don’t dwell upon your sorrows
Don’t let it fill your heart with hate
Just remember that tomorrow
The sun’s expected to rise
From the ashes on the other side
A new day will arrive

This air that crushes my lungs to tender dust
Breathe this air that clouds the vision of a world I trust
I searched for the answers in the deepest parts of my own soul
It was there I remembered the cherished words to a poem I wrote
And it goes….

I’d rather die than live for nothing
I trust my heart too always guide me
Like a shadow that follows closely
It never leaves my side
In a world SO DEAD!
© Fire & Flesh

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