Fear Factory – “Powershifter” PV

“Powershifter” is the first single taken from Fear Factory’s studio album “Mechanize” (Candlelight, 2010).

Fear Factoryがオリジナルメンバー、ディーノ・カザレス(gt)復帰後にドロップしたアルバム「Mechanize」(2010年)のファーストシングル。やはり脱退したクリスティアン・オルド・ウォルバース(ba, gt)に比べてギターの重さが違う(無論体重もだ)。そして何より凄まじいのがドラムのジーン・ホグラン。DeathやStrapping Young Ladで見せた人類とは思えないバスドラワークが炸裂している。強烈。


Feared your control and excessive greed
Abuse of your power disgraced me
You want war
You got war
More than you bargained for
I damn you and leave defiantly
Cut you out and take it all with me
You want war
You got war
More than you bargained for
Always question authority, control my own destiny
Forcing change, breaking free
From the gears of the machine
Changing my world so I can live
Execution powershift
I will forge my place in this time
Contention is sharply refined
I will expose you and force your demise
To take control of what is truly mine

Written by Burton C. Bell, Dino A.m. Cazares
© Universal Music Publishing Group

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