Fear Factory – Live in Tokyo [Full Set], 18 Sep. 2012

Part 1

Set List

00:00 The Industrialist
06:30 Shock
11:28 Edgecrusher
15:17 Smasher-Devourer
21:30 Powershifter
25:30 Fear Campaign
30:40 Acres Of Skin
34:40 Linchpin

Part 2

Set List

00:28 Descent
05:28 Recharger
10:00 New Messiah
15:15 Martyr
19:50 Scapegoat
24:40 Demanufacture
29:20 Self Bias Resistor
35:12 Replica
39:35 Zero Signal

Fear Factory came to Japan and stormed the stage in 90 minutes. We japanese hope we saw their incredible show like this in Japan soon again.

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