Eyehategod – “Take As Needed For Pain” Live at 25th Anniversary Tour 2013

Sludge sledge-hammer strikes us!

Eyehategod is an legendary American sludge metal band from New Olreans formed in 1998.

Eyehategod performing “Take as Needed for Pain” live on their 25th Anniversary Tour. This live footage is filmed at Hangar 13, in New Orleans,LA by Mike Holderbeast and the Cement Level Studios Crew: William Holderby Sr.& Jessica Retif, audio recorded and mastered by Steven W. Richardson.

“Take As Needed For Pain” is the title song of Eyehategod’s second studio album “Take As Needed for Pain” (Century Media, 1993).


  • Mike Williams – Lead vocals
  • Jimmy Bower – Guitars
  • Brian Patton – Guitars
  • Gary Mader – Bass
  • Aaron Hill – Drums (2013–present)
  • Joey LaCaze – Drums, Percussion (1989–2013, R.I.P.)


Breast Fed From A Dog
Since The Day I Was Born
Severe Allergic Infektion
Lousy Lust Pimp

Narcotic Induced Hypo-Thermia
Music composed by Jimmy Bower, Joey LaCaze, Marc Schultz, Brian Patton & Mike Williams
Lyrics written by Mike Williams
© Century Media Records

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