Equilibrium – “Blut Im Auge” PV

The spirit of Germanic warriors is still alive!!

“Blut Im Auge” is taken from Equilibrium’s second studio album “Sagas” (Nuclear Blast, 2008). The Germany title “Blut Im Auge” means ‘Blood In The Eye’.

Equilibrium is a folk metal/viking metal band from Munich, Germany formed in 2001. Their musical style is mixed with the elements of traditional Germanic music, black metal, symphonic metal and various other kinds of music. Their lyrics focus Germanic folktales and Germanic mythology, and all of them are written by Germany.


  • Helge Stang − Vocals (left in 2010)
  • René Berthiaume − Guitar, Keyboards
  • Andreas Völkl − Guitar
  • Sandra Völkl − Bass
  • Manuel DiCamillo − Drums (left in 2010)


Was ich sah auf meiner Reise,
Scheint zu wahr es zu erzähln,
Drum versuch ich auf meine Weise,
Euch mit mir dort hinzunehmn.

Wie ich einst auf dunklen Pfaden,
Weit von hier in Nordens Land,
Sah was mir den Atem raubte,
Was ich bis da nicht gekannt.

Blut I’m Auge
Auf wunde Knie
So sank ich nieder
So fand ich sie

So beschloss ich dort zu bleiben.
Was ich sah ließ? mich nicht mehr los,
Zu entdecken ihr Geheimnis,
War die Nacht für mich verlohr’n.

Tag um Tag in grauem Regen,
Suchte ich den Blick noch mal,
War verfallen jenem Zauber,
Den ich bisher nicht erahnt.

Blut I’m Auge
Auf wunde Knie
Sank ich nieder
So fand ich sie

Lies zurück der Städte Tore,
Zog hinauf in eisige Hö’n
Sturmgewitter, Donners Peitschen
Suchten mich zu Grund zu gehn
Blickte in des Wassers Fälle,
Hinter Sträucher, Birkenhain
Unruhig Blicke, grau die Wogen,
Wo mag sie geblieben sein?

Schlaflos, rastlos such ich…
Lautlos, raunend, hört sie mich nicht…
Über Felsen, Berg und Heide,
Dickicht, Dornen, Dunkelheit,
Such ich sie bei Nacht, die Weiße,
Such den gleißend’ Himmelsschein…
Lyrics written by Helge Stang
Music composed by René Berthiaume
© Nuclear Blast Records

English Translation

*This translation taken from Lyrics Translate

What I´ve seen on my trip
Seems important to tell
Therefore I´ll try
To take you there on my way.

As I once on dark pathways,
Far from here in Northern Land,
Saw something that left me breathless,
Something I didn´t know until then.

Blood in eyes
On wounded knees
That´s how I sank down,
That´s how I found her.

So I decided to stay there,
What I saw, didn´t let me go,
To discover her secret,
Meant to offer a night for me.

Day to day in grey rain
I was searching for the sight once more,
Was addicted to every magic,
Which I still haven´t figured out.

Blood in eyes
On wounded knees
That´s how I sank down,
That´s how I found her.

Left behind the city gates,
I went up to icy heights,
Stroms, thunder´s whips
Wanted me to go back to the ground.
I looked up the waters´ falls
Behind bushes, birch groves,
The eyes sleepless, the surges grey,
Where might she be left?

Sleepless, restless I search…
Noiseless, whispering she can´t hear me…

Over rocks, mountain and heather,
Thickening, thorns, darkness,
I´m searching for her in the night, the white,
I´m searching for the glistening skylight.

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