Emperor – “Curse You All Men” Live at Wacken 2006 +1

Emperor will be back!!

Emperor, the most influential Norwegian black metal legend, reformed in 2005 and performed at Wacken Open Air festival on 5 August, 2006 in Germany. Their stage on this time was filmed and released as “Live Inferno” DVD/CD (Candlelight, 2009).

On August 2, 2013, the organizers of Wacken Open Air festival announced that Emperor would be reuniting to headline the 25th anniversary Wacken Festival in 2014. “Emperor members Ihsahn and Samoth both appeared at the press conference to confirm the reformation.” (cf. “Emperor To Reunite For Wacken Open Air 2014” by Metal Underground.com) In the following months, they were announced as headliners for the 2014 editions of the Bloodstock Open Air and Hellfest festivals.

Lineup at Wacken 2006

  • Ihsahn – Vocals, Guitars
  • Samoth – Guitar
  • Trym – Drums
  • Secthdaemon (Myrkskog, Zyklon) – Bass, Backing Vocals session
  • Einar (Leprous) – Keyboards, Backing Vocals session

Live in London 1999

Emperor performed at the LA2, London on 14 April, 1999. This live performances were recorded and released “Emperial Live Ceremony” VHS/DVD/CD (Candlelight, 2000).

Lineup at live in London 1999

  • Ihsahn – Vocals, Guitars
  • Samoth – Guitar
  • Trym – Drums
  • Tyr – Bass
  • Charmand Grimloch – Keyboards


Curse you all men
Who’s coil is strong
I recognise the sparrows heart
Beneath the theatre of misery
Disbelivers shalt by dawn
Be forced
To forever mourn

Curse you all men
That resent my empire
Cause I have risen again
At war this time
The truth I speak
Is your decease
My word is your defeat

And thou shalt not
Be able to hide anymore
The prophecy will
Conquer at last
Your sense of reality
With mission to kill
The theatre of misery

He has risen again
Armed with the source of sin
And as humans shalt fade
He shalt inherit their strength
Men of the damned;
Your will reluctantly
Secure His eternal victory

Yes, you are indeed the few;
I am the one.
Music composed by Ihsahn and Samoth
Lyrics written by Ihsahn
© Candlelight Records

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