Drowning Pool – “Sinner” Live at Rock Am Ring 2002 & PV

This live performance was held at ‘Rock Am Ring’ festival on 17 May, 2002. This video on Youtube is cripped by Hdpvidz.com.

This song is the title song of Drowning Pool’s debut album “Sinner” (EMI, 2001)

Drowning Pool is an American heavy tock / heavy metal band from Dallas, Texas formed in 1996. They became famous by touring with Ozzy Osborne, their debut album got a smash hit, keeping platinum for six weeks.

Three months later of this live, on 14 August, 2002, vocalist Dave Williams passed away suddenly due to heart disease. We lost him, but his voice remains same.


  • Dave Williams – Vocals
  • Mike Luce – Drums
  • C. J. Pierce – Guitars
  • Stevie Benton – Bass


Bend me shape me misdirect me
It’s all the same to me
Look at all this useless talk [x3]
Upon the cross

You look at me but you don’t see
Understand I’m a sinner
Don’t corner me
Don’t lecture me
Raise your hands you’re a sinner

Is this everything you wanted find another dream
You never hear a word I say [x3]
So pray


I’m a sinner
Look at all these people in front of me [x4]


You look at me (you look at me)
Don’t corner me
You look at me
Raise your hands you’re a sinner!
Understand I’m a sinner..
Written by Drowning Pool
© EMI REcords

Official Music Video

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