Dissection – “The Somberlain” Live at Wacken Open Air 1997

Light falls….. Somberlain. The apostle of Lucifer is here…

I feel a frozen storm of northern dark realm from this song. Dark, Satanic, cold, fast and aggressive sounds are included.

“The Somberlain” is the title song of Dissection’s first full-length album “Somberlain” (No Fashion, 1993).

What does the word “Somberlain” mean? I think this is a variation of “somber lane”, which means ‘dark path of life’ as it was dedicated to Euronymous, who was the guitarist of Norwegian legendary black metal band Mayhem and murdered in 1993.

This live performance was held at ‘Wacken Open Air’ fastival on 8 August, 1997, which was recorded and released on the live album “Live Legacy” (Nuclear Blast, 1997).

Dissection is a Swedish death/black metal band from Strömstad, Sweden formed in 1989 by Jon Nödtveidt. They disbanded in 1997 due to Nödtveidt’s arrest, and reformed in 2004 after his release. But in 2006, shortly after release of their third studio album “Reinkaos”, the band broke up. And in August of same year, Jon Nödtveidt committed suicide.

They are considered a pioneer of melodic black metal, have had huge impact on many following death/black metal band such as Naglfar, In flames, Children Of Bodom, recent metal core band The Black Dahlia Murder and more.

According to Daniel Ekeroth, the band “developed their own melancholic and atmospheric death metal style”, which combined “strong melodies with musical brutality”. Dissection considered the “characteristic dual-harmony guitar-sound” to be “an important part of the band’s sound” and therefore needed a second guitarist. Due to the band’s turn towards melodic death metal, Tomas “Tompa” Lindberg sees Dissection as a part of the Gothenburg scene. (cf. Daniel Ekeroth “Swedish Death Metal” Bazillion Points, 2008).


  • Jon Nödtveidt – Vocals, Guitars (1975-2006, R.I.P.)
  • Johan Norman – Guitars
  • Emil Nödtveidt – Bass
  • Tobias Kellgren – Drums


I fell deeper and deeper as light now was gone
I could feel the dark embrace my soul
Agony was no more, and so was pain
At this point of solitude I knew I was there
There where I belong
Thus far a long journey through my souls infinity
It has been a journey far beyond mortality
I have found what I wanted, tranquillity
I’ll thrive on evil, eternally

I flew over crystal ground
My existence, numb
Over orchards of grievance,
sorrow and tears
This beautiful silence
calls me now
Black fog devours me but I can see it all
The monument of my past,
this land of seven horizons before my eyes
I reach the land of spiritual rest

Its the dawn of descending
– I am the Somberlain
down to evil divine domain

Lord of infernal, gather my strength
Carry me through the gates

Its the dawn of descending
– I am the Somberlain
down to evil divine domain

For Im eternal night
– Im the Somberlain
Precede my evil divine domain
Written by Jon Nödtveidt
© No Fashion Records

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