Devildriver – live at “Wacken Open Air” in 2013 [Fullset]

Devildriver is another band of Coal Chamber’s Frontman Dez B. Farara. They performed at ‘Wacken Open Air‘ in 3. Aug. 2013. Their sound is based on death metal. It’s more brutal and more agressive than Coal Chamber.


0:29 End of the Line
5:00 Cry for me Sky
9:09 Dead to rights
14:22 Ruthless
18:58 These fighting Words
23:19 Its in the cards
27:32 Not all who wander are lost
31:52 the appetite
36:55 Before the hangman’s noose
41:24 I could Care less
44:59 Head on the heartache
50:30 Clouds over
54:50 Hold back the day
59:13 Meet the wretched

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