Darkane – “Secondary Effects” PV

“Secondary Effects” is taken from Darkane’s fourth studio album “Layers of Live” (Nuclear Blast, 2005). Darkane is a Swedish melodic death/thrash metal band from Helsingborg formed in 1998. Since 1999, when I listened to their debut album “Rusted Angel”, I’ve been loving their music.


  • Andreas Sydow – Vocals
  • Christofer Malmström – Lead guitar, Tenor
  • Klas Ideberg – Rhythm guitar
  • Jörgen Löfberg – Bass guitar
  • Peter Wildoer – Drums, Percussion


Shadows of irrational dread
Sensing worms in lust, blood eyed
The source of my cold existence
Forming, completing my dark side
Overwhelmed by self compassion
A symphony in chaos to no ones ears
The sound of laughter in suffering
And unmourning tears
My thoughts, without connection
Absorbed by a painless heat
Spreading through my swelling veins
Like million creatures trying to defeat
The organic structure of my human flesh
Orgasmic smell of blood, a new born beast
I have become, I have arrived to join this feast
Born a beast

[Lead: Malmström]

Wrath boiling under the surface of my brain
With the thrilling sense from a reptile chase
Crawling from the genetic deep chain
A buried memory of an ancient race

[Lead: Malmström / Ideberg]

Shadows of irrational dread
Sensing worms in lust, blood eyed
Insanity fills my thoughts
A frightful urge to complete my desires
I won’t imitate my atmosphere
Opened blind eyes, frozen breath
Laughter’s surrounding everywhere
Waking up from apparent death
The eternal well of inner rejection
Lyrics written by Andreas Sydow
© Nuclear Blast Records

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