Cryptopsy – “Worship Your Demons” PV

“Worship Your demons” is taken from Cryptopsy’s 6th studio album “The Unspoken King” (Century Media, 2008).

Cryptopsy is the technical death metal band from Montreal, Canada formed in 1988. They released 7 studio albums. Their musical style is characterized by very fast and complex sound structure, such as incredible drumming by Flo Mounier.


  • Flo Mounier : Drums
  • Christian Donaldson : Guitars
  • Matt McGachy : Vocals
  • Eric Langlois : bass
  • Alex Auburn : Guitars


To be released in your void,
Which has consumed
Us far too many times before.
We promised ourselves
That we wouldn’t succumb
To the dissonance.
This fractured state, has
Engulfed, our, sense of,
So polished,you’re
Gleaming with light.
Too tempting,
Resisting with all our might.
Blinded soul
On a misguided flight.
Silence the, demons lethal appetite.
Seeking refuge from this
Burden which has all but,
Torn and worn us to shreds.
This blinding conclusion,
Has diverted the inevitable.
Guiding us back to you.
Focus on the pain,
Our only fragment of reality.
Wade through this disdain,
The only sanctity we’ve ever contained.
Worship your demons,let
Them mold and guide you.
Worship your demons, but
Do not let them inside you.
Worship your demons,let
Them mold and calm you.
Worship your demons but,
Do not let them control you.
This fractured state, has
Engulfed, our, sens of,

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Written by Matt McGachy
© Century Media records


Flo Mounier’s “Phobophile” Rehearsal

This video is taken from his DVD “Extreme Metal Drumming 101” (2006). Flo Mounier is well-known for his technical high-speed drumming mixed with blast beats and jazzy rhythm flavors.

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