Crowbar – “Let Me Mourn” Live in NOLA 2013

Crowbar performed “Let Me Mourn” at Tipitians in New Orleans, LA during their 2013 tour. This epic live footage was filmed by Mike Holderbeast and the Cement Level Studios Crew: William Holderby Sr., Robert Major, John Deal & Ritchi Rooster, audio was recorded and mastered by Steven W. Richardson.

“Let Me Mourn” is taken from Crowbar’s ninth studio album “Sever the Wicked Hand” (E1 Music, 2011).

Current Lineup

  • Kirk Windstein – Vocals, Guitars (1989–)
  • Tommy Buckley – Drums (2005-)
  • Matthew Brunson – Guitars (2009–)
  • Jeff Golden – Bass (2013–)


I’m not alone
In times of sorrow
Through grace from God
I’ll see tomorrow
Still standing strong

I built this shrine
With bones of those lost
They had a dream
But life was their cost

Leave me alive
Walking this earth
It’s hard to lose this anger
Their names I curse

Why’d they choose a dark path?

They chose a dark path
Which leads to nothing good
They helped to build this shrine
Where once an ancient stood
Nothing stands there now but bones!

They’re not alive
Not on this earth
I cannot lose this anger
Their names I curse

They chose a dark path…

The path that leads to nothing good… No!

And as I mourn this shrine
It’s just their bones that stand there

Let me mourn!
Written by Crowbar
© E1 Music

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