Crowbar – “Conquering / High Rate Extinction” Live in New Orleans 2013

Crowbar performed at Tipitians in New Orleans, LA during their 2013 tour. This extremely heavy live footage was filmed by Mike Holderbeast and the Cement Level Studios Crew: William Holderby Sr., Robert Major, John Deal & Ritchi Rooster, audio was recorded and mastered by Steven W. Richardson.

Crowbar is an American sludge metal band from New Orleans, LA formed in 1991 by Kirk Windstein and Todd Strange. They are one of the most influential heavy metal bands come out of the New Orleans metal scene. Their musical style is characterized by extremely slow, low-keyed, heavy and brooding sound with some of hardcore-punk-style fast passages.

“Conquering” is taken from Crowbar’s fourth studio album “Broken Glass” (Pavement, 1996).

“High Rate Extinction” is taken from their second studio album “Crowbar” (Pavement, 1992) produced by Philip Anselmo.

Current Lineup

  • Kirk Windstein – Vocals, Guitars (1989–)
  • Tommy Buckley – Drums (2005-)
  • Matthew Brunson – Guitars (2009–)
  • Jeff Golden – Bass (2013–)



Twisting All That I saying and doing
Burning even in pleasure
I burning
Melting away
Taking the impact
Look back
Take time to look back
Die in my own way

In time I conquering

The urging and needing are growing
Rotting in me
It happening over and over
Die in my own way
Written by Kirk Windstein
© Pavement Records

High Rate Extinction

Reign over you another day
Take all I can
Slave to me there’s no other way
Break all I can
Come and taste me
Stay and praise me
Take all I can while I burn you down
Weak man
Weak mind

You know you never will be free
Come for you time after time and again

Crawl with me

Give me what I need from you
Don’t question why
On your knees in front of me
Weak man
Weak mind
Written by Kirk Windstein
© Pavement Records

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