Coal Chamber – “Loco” live & PV

“Loco” is first Coal Chamber’s single taken from their debut album “Coal Chamber” (1997). This live performance was held at “Dynamo Open Air” in 1998.


  • Dez B. Fafara : Vocal
  • Meegs Rascón : Guitar
  • Rayna Foss : Bass
  • Mikey “Bug” Cox : Drums


pull – steamroller rollin’ through
my head said attached to loco
power up coal through the system
out to the right said you’re in my
light – lock down the generator on
man screw down use the system
use the main plan full power up to
the point man don’t fuck with me


lock down here latch the generator
on screw the system
full power hit the main plan

Written by Dez B. Fafara, Meegs Rascón, Rayna Foss, Mikey “Bug” Cox
© Roadrunner Records

“Loco” PV

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