Carcass – “Unfit For Human Consumption” PV

The originator of extreme music is back!!

“Unfit For Human Consumption” is taken from Carcass’s sixth studio album “Surgical Steel” (Nuclear Blast, 2013)

Carcass is a British extreme metal band from Liverpool, UK formed in 1985 by guitarist Bill Steer and original drummer Ken Owen. After release of five full length album, they disbanded in 1995. A reformation was launched in 2007 without Ken Owen for his health reasons.

Carcass is regarded as the pioneer of some kinds of extreme music, such as grindcore, hardgore and goregrind. Their early works, especially first album “Reek of Putrefaction” (Earache, 1988) and second album “Symphonies of Sickness” (Earache, 1989), were full of cruel expressions in cover art and lyrics. People didn’t believe that what they heard was music because of their extremely radical and extraordinary sounds. Due to their cruel album covers consisted of a collage of autopsy photographs collected from medical journals, many UK record shops denied to display them.

Carcass is also known as the originator of melodic death metal with their epic forth studio album “Heartwork” (Earache, 1993).


  • Jeff Walker – Lead vocals, Bass
  • Bill Steer – Lead guitar, Vocals
  • Daniel Wilding – Drums
  • Ben Ash – Guitars


Seductive lymphandetitis
Delectable septic metritis
Tempting glanders jaundice
For human consumption unfit

Paltable melanosis
Aromatic mastitis
Saporous brucellosis
Cry havoc and let slip

At the leash straining
The cadaver dogs

Diseased gastric dining
The cadaver dogs
In cold blood

Indulging in sarcocysts
Epicurean pericarditis
Cariosus tender and lean
After all you are what you eat

Unfit for human consumption
An appetite for bovine destruction
A manifesto for mutilation
Manifests in your own dereliction

The dogs of cruror released
On severed carnage feed
Cadaver dogs rapidly bay and seethe
Canine, ulunating, feverishly inhaling
the scent of human debris

Indulgent lymphandetitis
Aromatic mastitis
Corrosive carcase rotten and obscene
After all you are what you eat
Written by
© Nuclear Blast Records


“Captive Bolt Pistol” Official Lyrics Video

This song is also taken from “Surgical Steel”.

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