Brutal Truth – “Sugar Daddy” Live & PV


“Sugar Daddy” Live in Japan

“Sugar Daddy” Official Music Video

“Sugar Daddy” is taken from the Brutal Truth‘s album “Evolution Through Revolution“(2009, Relapse Records).

Brutal Truth is the living legend of grind core, formed in New York City in 1990. After release of 4 studio albums and 1 live album – “Goodbye Cruel World”, that’s great -, in 1999, they disbanded. In 2006, they re-formed with new guitarist Erick Burke replaced original guitarist Brent McCarthy.

“Evolution Through Revolution” was released in April 2009, was the first studio album of Brutal Truth since 1997. It appears their characteristic chaotic grind core sound like whole world collapsing. Guttural growls of Kevin Sharp, distorted bass of Dan Lilker, airtight and destructive drumming of Ritch Hoak and noisy guitar of Erick Burke are all superb.


  • Kevin Sharp : Vocal
  • Erick Burke : Guitars (left in 2012)
  • Dan Lilker : Bass
  • Richard Hoak : Drums


Decay and rot today

Sugar daddy’s killing
Sugar daddy’s killing crowds today

Your misconceptions,
Pure speculation
With no perception
Sugar daddy’s killing crowds today

Written by Kevin Sharp, Erick Burke, Dan Lilker, Richard Hoak
© Relapse Records

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