1349 – “When I Was Flesh” Live in Oslo 2011

1349 is a Norwegian black metal band from Oslo, Norway formed in 1997. They named after the year the Black Death reached Norway. They performed “When I Was Flesh” at Rockefeller Music Hall on 10 September, 2011 in Oslo.

“When I Was Flesh” is taken from 1349’s fifth studio album “Demonoir” (Indie, 2010).


  • Olav “Ravn” Bergene – Vocals
  • Tor Risdal “Seidemann” Stavenes – Bass
  • Idar “Archaon” Burheim – Guitars
  • Kjetil-Vidar “Frost” Haraldstad – Drums


I was there…
When I was flesh
As I moved among mankind

Sadistic impulse
Sardonic disdain
Arcane perfector
Corpse herder

Murder God
Doom apparatus
Chaos cradle made of flesh

I was there…
When I was flesh

I am the first
And by far the worst

I am (the) founding evil
Bearer of all plagues
The Antichrist malefactor
Manifestation of your fears

I can hear them howling
From a thousand gaping wounds
I have ridden Harmageddah
I summoned pestilence to read through your lands

“Crawl back into your shit-pit under-scum
Into crippling fear and everlasting suffering
There’s no end to the depth of this perversion
Cling grimly to your rotting remains…”

I have walked alone through fire lakes
My shadow darkening your world
Through fields of a thousands crucified
Forever perched upon the brink of hell

With serpent mask and angel-hide
On predatory wings I stalk
Filth is clinging to my soul
With neural whips I reign

Sadistic impulse
Sardonic disdain
Arcane perfector
Corpse herder
Lyrics written by S.A. Destroyer
Music composed by Archeon
© Indie Records

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